Crystal growth modeling.

by Dr. L.Sakharov


Phase transitions in general and solidification in form of crystals specifically are part of foundation of most technological solutions in waste majorities of industries. Throughout of industries one can point out on technology processes these directly like steel solidification, cement formation, thin films deposition, ceramics and artificial gems production or indirectly like glass formation are relay to crystal growth.

Modern situation in crystal growth science can be described as following. Most if not all conceptual questions are answered in principle. Crystal structure is known. Structures of phases, crystals grow from, are known as well. To very least we can definitely state it for gases and with some reservations for liquids. Using broad brushes one can describe how crystal can be born inside other phase as well processes during its expansion.

Terra incognita lands appear when specific experiment with numerical results tried to be explained with theoretical formulas. There are two big problems. There are few examples of such kind of experiments. Mostly crystal growth used in research projects pure pragmatically. One want to get crystal, creates equipment to grow good one and live happily ever after. The equipment and parameters of process will work for specific crystal they are designed but most possible some very significant adjustment will be needed to grow differ one. The best bet is that such adjustment will be done by try and fail method without applying formulas these describe process of crystal growth itself.

The main reason is the absence of knowledge for usable universal formula describing crystal growth. The formula has happened to be very complex and has sort of counterintuitive structure. It takes decades of life for one scientist to find it via computer simulation and then trying to approximate results with varieties of reasonable equations until the one was found. To publish free for respect of narrow group of enlightened or to sell as a secret knowledge what is the question. To try to sell at first and to publish if no one will give decent price or just let it be rediscovered by somebody else.

This site will be devoted to the problem of building usable model of crystallization and structured as knowledge base. Acceptable article could be in one of the following areas:
  • - Description of numerical experiment of crystal growth (including nucleation) that can be used for direct comparison with theoretical models. That means that article contains information about conditions of crystal growth and rate of rate in same or several crystallographic directions.
  • - Theoretical formula(s) applicable for description of crystal growth. The limitation for pure theoretical articles will be demonstrated ability of the concept to be implemented into software.
  • - Comparison of theoretical concepts with experimental data.
  • - Simulation of crystal growth.

There planned to be two types of articles: encyclopedia style description of one of the major topics with flexible wiki style authorship and devoted specific research. Articles will be accepted on the by the judgment of the owner of the site Dr. L.Sakharov. Articles will be open to discussion that will be moderated by Dr. Sakharov as well. Authors are advised to understand that by act of publications they transfer limited copyright of article content to the LeoKrut without any compensation and on public domain until if it will be explicitly agreed otherwise. All comments are considered as anonymous. All participants are strongly encouraged to use our service to sell intellectual property for proprietary information they believe has direct commercial value.

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